Vítám Vás

I'd like to share with you some of my joys and sorrows. Also, sharing with me? The need repainting, gardening, pets and the people ...... ?

Chtěla bych se podělit s Vámi o některé moje radosti a strasti. Také se se mnou podělíte? Třeba o malování, zahradničení, zvířátkach a lidech ......?

úterý 28. září 2010

Life is great sorcerer

Hello, friends. In my life came a great, but a nice change. We were able to sell our house. He was for us too much. We also decided to radically change the life style. We all know for sure. There will come a stage in life, consider re-ever, how you live and how you want to live on. Thinking about it what is important to you and your needs change. Ideally, you start to spend more time fulfilling your dreams and earning less money. It happened to us. We changed life in the city for rural life. They bought a beautiful site surrounded by woods and no neighbors. It is a former recreation center for children. A very long time is not used for these purposes. So far it does not, but one day it will be our small family farm. There will be chasing a couple of horses, sheep and goats will graze there. I see how happy will our grandchildren when they come to us over the holidays. We bought little Miss Felicitas, Monty was not so sad alone. Feli is a black mare. He was born nineteen months. It's a very nice girl and she loves Monty. There are both housed in our friends. If all goes well, next fall, we will all live in our new home. We're going to move there in April, but we have much work ahead, we prepare everything for us and for animals. I am very tired but happy. It seems to me to fulfill my dream more beautiful. I wish you all happiness. There is nothing in the world more beautiful than to be relatively healthy and happy. Hugs Jana Alexandra