Vítám Vás

I'd like to share with you some of my joys and sorrows. Also, sharing with me? The need repainting, gardening, pets and the people ...... ?

Chtěla bych se podělit s Vámi o některé moje radosti a strasti. Také se se mnou podělíte? Třeba o malování, zahradničení, zvířátkach a lidech ......?

sobota 10. března 2012

úterý 28. září 2010

Life is great sorcerer

Hello, friends. In my life came a great, but a nice change. We were able to sell our house. He was for us too much. We also decided to radically change the life style. We all know for sure. There will come a stage in life, consider re-ever, how you live and how you want to live on. Thinking about it what is important to you and your needs change. Ideally, you start to spend more time fulfilling your dreams and earning less money. It happened to us. We changed life in the city for rural life. They bought a beautiful site surrounded by woods and no neighbors. It is a former recreation center for children. A very long time is not used for these purposes. So far it does not, but one day it will be our small family farm. There will be chasing a couple of horses, sheep and goats will graze there. I see how happy will our grandchildren when they come to us over the holidays. We bought little Miss Felicitas, Monty was not so sad alone. Feli is a black mare. He was born nineteen months. It's a very nice girl and she loves Monty. There are both housed in our friends. If all goes well, next fall, we will all live in our new home. We're going to move there in April, but we have much work ahead, we prepare everything for us and for animals. I am very tired but happy. It seems to me to fulfill my dream more beautiful. I wish you all happiness. There is nothing in the world more beautiful than to be relatively healthy and happy. Hugs Jana Alexandra

pátek 9. července 2010

I´m sorry

Hello friends. I must apologize for my long absence. I really very sorry, but I can not catch everything at once. We have a new addition to the family. It's a one-year old colt Monty. Time is currently devoted to him, is very important. Immediately how they organize their free time, I'll be back to normal. I wish you all a wonderful time full of sunshine and great ideas on artwork. Thank you for your understanding.
Kisses and hugs Jana Alexanda

úterý 29. června 2010


The story that you should know you and your friends. After you read these five stories, you realize that you do not know today's world. The World as greedy hyenas multiply like a plague.

neděle 20. června 2010

Cindy and Cleopatra

Today was one of the memory of those two girls. I could not help. They are no longer a long time in dog paradise.
These days are very hectic. As if time is lost somewhere in the black hole ...

pátek 11. června 2010

Somewhere in England (9/2009) Attempt at a landscape :-)

I love the smell of old books, many of them own. I never can resist entry into the secondhand book store and never not leaving empty-handed. I guess I would happier if I owned such a beautiful shop, and was employed there. I have a wide and varied selection. The travelogue through the art books and biographies, old novels.
In the book, the UK, I fell in love with photography and decided to paint it.
That too failed. Once I have time, I'll try it again. Mainly to learn more.

čtvrtek 10. června 2010


These two paintings I painted on to his beloved friend and great poet Maya. She is my only critic, so I need that. Also, someone on whom I can always rely on. She made a lot of things for me and did not want for anything more than a few paintings .....

čtvrtek 3. června 2010

Porsche 928 (1/2009)

This is a painting, which I wrote to Rosemary. She painted beautiful still lifes pickup truck for her husband. I painted this picture last year for my husband. It is his beloved car in front of our house.But he thought that the colors are not nice, so stay with underpaintings :-))). I've also varnished it. I'm just sorry that I wanted him to try the technique of seven layers.