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I'd like to share with you some of my joys and sorrows. Also, sharing with me? The need repainting, gardening, pets and the people ...... ?

Chtěla bych se podělit s Vámi o některé moje radosti a strasti. Také se se mnou podělíte? Třeba o malování, zahradničení, zvířátkach a lidech ......?

sobota 22. května 2010

My very first daily painting :-) (3/2010)

no glory, but I'm very happy :)

4 komentáře:

Evhe řekl(a)...

Hello! we both love painting the same subjects, is'nt it? nice marguerite! and not so easy to paint! ;)

J. B. Alexandra řekl(a)...

Hello Evhe. Oh, my daisies are poor. You're right, it's not easy :-)

Mary řekl(a)...

It is wonderful that your painting makes you happy--and it should because your pieces are very nice. I am delighted to have found your lovely blog (via your comment on Rosemary's). I, too, have begun painting as a change from my normal profession--a very rewarding past time.

J. B. Alexandra řekl(a)...

Hello Mary. Yes, it is necessary to find something that took our minds away from the stresses and responsibilities. I wanted to paint all my life. Finally I can. It's amazing how many people around the world just tends to the formation of all kinds. I guess it's natural to us. Thank you very much for your nice visit and a positive comment.