Vítám Vás

I'd like to share with you some of my joys and sorrows. Also, sharing with me? The need repainting, gardening, pets and the people ...... ?

Chtěla bych se podělit s Vámi o některé moje radosti a strasti. Také se se mnou podělíte? Třeba o malování, zahradničení, zvířátkach a lidech ......?

čtvrtek 10. června 2010


These two paintings I painted on to his beloved friend and great poet Maya. She is my only critic, so I need that. Also, someone on whom I can always rely on. She made a lot of things for me and did not want for anything more than a few paintings .....

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bricarwaller řekl(a)...

Lovely paintings. What a lucky friend to get such beautiful artwork from you. I enjoy seeing your creations. Hopefully you are experiencing some sunshine. We just made an unexpected accompanying my husband on a business trip to Florida. We got to hang out on a sunny beach. Hoping you get to do the same soon:)

J. B. Alexandra řekl(a)...

Thanks for asking Carrie. Beach, wow, it really envy you. Well here is the third day finally warm. People are angry because they are now tropical temperatures, but I'm happy as a flea in the fur coat :-). Evening storms. I love it. I sit under the roof garden house and watching lightning. Yesterday the storm was a beautiful sunset. I already have my camera repaired, so the photos. You can look at my other blog.
And what about children? They were on the beach with you? My kids loved the sea. It was hard to watch that is nespláchla a wave.

Alex Perez řekl(a)...

Thank you Alexandra, for you friendship, support and comments.

J. B. Alexandra řekl(a)...

Thank you Alex, for visiting, and for you to forgive me (I sincerely hope).