Vítám Vás

I'd like to share with you some of my joys and sorrows. Also, sharing with me? The need repainting, gardening, pets and the people ...... ?

Chtěla bych se podělit s Vámi o některé moje radosti a strasti. Také se se mnou podělíte? Třeba o malování, zahradničení, zvířátkach a lidech ......?

pátek 6. srpna 2010

Monty became acquainted with new friends.

4 komentáře:

AutumnLeaves řekl(a)...

Oh to have Monty's life! Swimming and new friends, pastures and love! It doesn't get much better than that!

Janice Filkins řekl(a)...

Looks like Monty is pretty happy with the new "gumbas"! And glad you are happy,too!

Mary řekl(a)...

These are lovely photos, J.B.--Monty looks very happy, indeed. I'm glad he has found new friends and hope you continue to enjoy him.

Marie Theron řekl(a)...

How sweet and loving are your horses Jana! And of course, that colt must be number One in your life at the moment. Thank you for the visit and moving words!